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Founding Partner

Audience Analytics

of the greater Philadelphia & Lehigh valley region

Beginning July 1, 2015, the Lehigh Valley Arts Council is pairing with the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance to form Audience Analytics of Greater Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley Region. Audience Analytics is a strategic audience development initiative which fosters collaboration, improves marketing intelligence, and encourages and simplifies mailing list exchanges among participants. Members are provided with the tools, training and expertise to successfully implement targeted marketing strategies, leading to higher patron retention rates and an increase in new audience members.

As we begin this third year, the Lehigh Valley Arts Council is very pleased to provide Lehigh Valley cultural organizations a tremendous opportunity to reach over 2 million households. We thank our corporate and foundation supporters for their investment toward the initial development of this program and their support for the Lehigh Valley Arts Council in uniting the non-profit sector.

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How It Works

Audience Analytics has contracted Target Resource Group (TRG), the nation’s leading provider of data management and consulting services, to provide members with access to TRG’s Data Center tool.  Participating organizations begin by uploading segmented patron data to Data Center, which is cleansed and appended with demographic, psychographic, and geographic information.  Organizations can then analyze their patrons in variety of powerful ways, obtaining the insights they need to make the most efficient and effective use of their marketing and programming dollars.

In addition, Data Center allows organizations to identify their best potential trading partners and streamlines the list trade process.  All trades are 100% permission based, allowing organizations to retain 100% control of their data.

The Audience Analytics of Greater Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley Region Database contains more than two million unique records, representing 75 cultural groups.

Benefits of participation

  • Greater understanding of your current audience and stakeholders
    • Develop demographic, psychographic, and geographic profiles of your patrons
    • Monitor patron attendance patterns and buying trends
    • Create targeted marketing campaigns based up patron preferences
  • Greater understanding of patrons within the Audience Analytics Community
    • Access community reports which allow you to examine patron behaviors and trends within the Lehigh Valley and/or Greater Philadelphia Regions
    • Determine if your patrons are interacting with other organizations within the Audience Analytics Community
    • Identify your organization’s best potential partners for list trades and collaborative marketing opportunities
  • Ability to discover untapped markets
    • Uncover potential patrons who are active in other parts of the community and share similarities with your current patrons
    • Determine if your lapsed patrons are still active elsewhere within the arts community and where their current interests lie
  • Clean and up-to-date data
  • Simplified mail list creation
    • With automatic merge/purge functionality, nearly infinite filtering possibilities, and one-click trade requests, creating mailing lists is easier than ever.
  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Data driven marketing allows organizations to attain higher patron response rates through targeted marketing efforts


Any nonprofit arts or cultural organization who is based within the Lehigh Valley is welcome to join the Audience Analytics Community. This includes performing arts, visual arts, media arts, and literary arts organizations, as well as festivals, historical sites, and museums.

To join you must:

  • pay an annual Audience Analytics membership fee (contact Zach Kleemeyer, Community Engagement Coordinator, for rate information)
  • commit to uploading segmented patron data to the community database
  • agree to making a minimum of one patron segment available for trade

Audience Analytics Community

To date, 16 Lehigh Valley based members have successfully contributed more than 260,000 records, containing over 185,000 unique mailable households to the Audience Analytics database.

Lehigh Valley Community

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