Audio Description

An Arts & Access Always Initiative


As part of the Lehigh Valley Arts Council’s Arts & Access Always Program, we strive to strengthen the capacity of cultural nonprofits to serve this community by providing resources and training that actively engage persons with disabilities in the arts. Audio description can be a valuable addition to any organization’s resources to provide access to individuals with disabilities.

Since 2015, The Lehigh Valley Arts Council has provided annual Audio Description Trainings attended by multiple community members and organizations from the Lehigh Valley Area including Act 1 DeSales, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, Lehigh University Galleries, Banana Factory, Allentown Art Museum, Penn State Lehigh Valley, and Muhlenberg College of Theater and Dance.

what is Audio Description?
Audio Description is a service that narrates visual content for blind and visually impaired patrons. In a theater or performance setting, a patron would listen to audio description done in real-time narrated through a headset. For visual art, audio descriptions can be pre-recorded and played for the listening individual.


Audio Description Training with the Lehigh Valley Arts Council
Past Training(s)
April 24, 2021 | AD Training for the Visual Arts

Learn how to audio describe visual art with an interactive workshop via Zoom! We will be learning the ins and outs of the art of audio description (AD), using a virtual tour of the Teaching Gallery Collection at Lehigh University Art Galleries for example! Workshop attendees are given the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned by speaking with volunteers from the Center for Vision Loss. Join us for a unique and interactive virtual training!

About the Presenter:

Nicole Sardella is an experience audio describer based in the Philadelphia region.

“When I audio describe, I use words to describe the visual elements of the medium I’m describing. Think of me as a sportscaster but for the arts — an artscaster. For live art, I narrate the actions, as well as describing the sets and costumes. For visual art, I use words to describe the visual elements of the piece. Regardless of the medium, my goal is to provide a truly meaningful accessible experience for people who are blind or have low vision.”

Nicole has experience conducting performing and visual arts audio description for Art-Reach; Broadway Philadelphia; DeSales University Act I; Disability Pride Pennsylvania; DISLABELED Philly Film Series; Muhlenberg College; Muhlenberg Summer Theater; Pennsylvania Ballet; People’s Light and Theater Company; Philadelphia Fringe Festival; Punchlight Theater Company; Temple Institute on Disabilities; Temple University School of Theater, Film and Media Arts; Walnut Street Theater, Franklin Institute; Philadelphia Horticultural Society; and University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. She has also hosted trainings, both virtual and in person, for Art-Reach and the Temple University School of Theater, Film and Media Arts.