Holly Gage

jewelry sculptor

I found my freedom through artistic expression. As a dyslexic Jewelry Sculptor, my written communication can be cumbersome, time consuming, inaccurate and riddled with switched out words and typos. However the flip side of dyslexia is an enhanced talent of visual and spacial awareness and problem solving, a perfect match for expressing oneself in images. Like a visual poem, images flow through my hands in a way words do not flow through my brain, providing me with a satisfying form of expression and accuracy like no other.

Many of my pieces are executed in a Sterling or Fine Silver with a material called, Metal Clay. It is a moldable precious metal allowing me to capture slice of moments resonating within others, allowing me to connect in a meaningful manner.

I teach, mentor and speak to those who wish to develop their own visual vocabulary, so they too can experience this freedom of expression. Take away someone’s voice and they are silenced. Give them a voice to speak with and they will sing.