Allyshia Mohr

Coopersburg, PA

Art has always been a part of my life, from the time I was a baby until now. It has evolved as I grew older from music, to the first time I stepped into the Philadelphia Art Museum, to painting, and my personal favorite poetry. I knew art was important when I was in the Philadelphia Art Museum and could not catch up with my friends. I remember standing there and admiring the colors and techniques ad making mental notes of artists to look up later in the library. It was something in me that just clicked and it might sound cliche but I felt like I belonged there. My love grew and grew as I started painting wearing my headphones and just letting the music talk to me in colors and shapes. Even as I write this now, my true love is writing and poetry. I realized how writing is my escape. Especially when anxiety sets in, I came to find out how it helps ease my mind and helps me express my emotions and feelings a lot easily. Writing comes easy to me and it wasn’t only until a few years ago that I realized that I really have a passion for not only expressing my self through painting but also through my writing.