Ava Beck


I used to go to Allentown public theater (a place where you learn what to do on the stage) and the night before the practice I was excited but also worried. What if they laugh?  What if they call me names? What if I trip and fall? I worried myself to sleep. The next morning at Allentown public theater I learned that the play is called Charlottes web and we learned are parts are easy. We curl up into a ball like eggs and then crawl around (and say oink) like pigs. Our next part is to curl up like eggs and then crawl around like spiders. But I was still worried. When it was our turn on the stage at the performance I bravely walked up. I curled up like an egg and then crawled and oinked like a pig. Our time was over. Our next part was when Charlotte has eggs. In a few minutes we come out and curl up like an egg and crawl around. We bow at the end. I’m not worried anymore! My show was fun (: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ava is 7 years old and has been involved with Allentown Public Theatre for two consecutive years. She has certainly gained confidence through her experience on the stage, and she was hoping to share her story so that kids wouldn’t be afraid to try new things!