Bonnie Winfield

art therapist

A story from inside the walls of the Northampton County Jail during a Journey Home program

Painting the Pain

One day the pain of being a mother inside these bare walls was unbearable. In our group we shared our stories. Dr. Bonnie suggested we write the pain in a story as a form of healing for our next group meeting. The next week we witnessed the stories of each member of the group as she read her words. We wept and held hands as we shared the sorrow and pain. After we read our stories, Dr. Bonnie brought out a large piece of watercolor paper, baby wipes and jars of acrylic paint. She instructed us to express our pain in the colors on the page. With the baby wipes we painted the colors of our sorrow and joys. As we placed our colors on the page the pain began to be healed. We were amazed at the wonderful colors on the page. The next week, Dr. Bonnie brought the big colorful page back with other art supplies. We finished the piece with words and images. We stood back and admired our creation and knew this was a process of healing.