Jenna Tormey


Long rehearsals, sore muscles, and bedazzled costumes have been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. I have been pointing my feet and tapping my toes since the age of three but I hesitated walking into my first dance class. Once the class began I was having the time of my life until a fellow classmate came over and slapped me across the face. Looking back I laugh at the moment but for a three year old girl I was traumatized. From that moment on I wanted nothing to do with dance, until my mother finally convinced me to give it another try. My shy personality held me back from branching out of my comfort zone but the studio director, Ms. Mariann, gently brought me into class and comforted me until I realized there was nothing to worry about when it comes to ballet. Without Ms. Mariann, I would have never continued dancing. The studio became my safe place where I could grow as an individual. By taking class I have been able to form friendships with dancers and teachers that will last a lifetime. Being involved in the arts has opened up a window of amazing opportunities that have prepared me for whatever life has in store. Growing up dancing was something that I feared. Today, I can say that I don’t know where I would be without it. It has given me not only the confidence of knowing I can achieve anything I set my mind to but also the grace and poise to carry with me throughout the rest of my life.