Lauren Balbierer

For as long as I can remember, the arts have greatly impacted me with many areas of creativity. Whether it was going to art galleries or watching Disney movies and marveling at the animation, I was astounded by the portrayal of stories through visual media. Seeing animated movies amazed me as a child because they had the ability to tell stories through a series of drawings that brought fictional characters and settings to life. As I got older, I enjoyed getting practice with drawing and painting, but my interest in animation and film was always in the back of my head.

When I started college, I knew I had a passion for both writing and visual arts and wanted to look into ways that I could combine the two. I learned that there are several ways to combine writing and art, but I was set on learning how to tell stories through written word and visual animation. I made plans to achieve this dream by taking English and Art courses to get practice with different styles and techniques of writing and drawing. Throughout my involvement with writing and art, I have been challenged creatively, but have learned the value of individuality and how our interests can affect our styles of writing and art.

I have been told by my English and Art professors that I have a unique way of creating fictional characters and worlds through written word and cartoon-like drawing styles. This has allowed me to value the individuality that I have with my styles for writing and drawing by incorporating my chosen career within the arts. I feel that being early acquainted with the arts has exposed me to the endless benefits that can be provided through freedom of expression. The arts have allowed me to explore opportunities to enhance my involvement with writing and drawing. I have embraced the uniqueness that comes with my writing and drawing and continue to look forward to where my involvement in the arts will take me.