Maya Rodgers


When I was six years old, I received my first camera for Christmas. It was metallic purple and tiny, but big in the small hand of a kindergartner. Ever since I can remember, I have been looking at things from behind a lens. From my purple shiny film camera to my first digital camera, I’ve always been fascinated with capturing life from my own perspective. Photography, to me, is the simple act of freezing a moment in time. It gives the viewer a moment to reflect on an experience, to see life from a different viewpoint. That is what makes it so special.

When I was studying photography in high school, I discovered my passion for film photography and developing photos. I loved the smell of the dark room, the coziness and safety I felt when processing my prints. It was magical- to take a photo and have no idea how it would turn out. I loved every minute of the process, even the trial and error that so often occurred. This was where I began to call myself an artist. My love for photography led me to a greater passion for graphic design, where I one day hope to pursue a career in a digital medium that I have grown to love.