Michael Barnett Power of Story

Michael Barnett

When I was a child, I watched classic black-and-white films on black-and white TV, “Lisa and David,” and “With A Song in My Heart: The Jane Froman Story,” with my mother. We watched them over and over again. My dad on weekends would take me to the movie theaters in Bethlehem, the College, the Nile, and the Boyd, to see “King of Kings,” “Exodus,” and “Lawrence of Arabia,” which were very thought-provoking and extraordinary in storytelling to me as a kid besides the children’s fairy tale matinees. I am grateful to my parents for allowing me to see these movies which changed my life and caused me to be the person I am today. I continue to paint abstract, spiritual watercolors and acrylics, write spiritual poems being quiet and still in nature and observing, and compose articles on women’s rights activist Margaret Fuller and the Transcendentalists. As part of the LVAC’s Urban/Suburban AfterSchool Arts Program, I teamed with artist Claire Marcus to create a safe and fun environment for middle schoolers to thrive in their artistic and literary gifts and explorations. Each one of us has the capacity to express ourselves and share our stories. I feel that this is the most beautiful and healthiest way to live. Theatre can be so cathartic as films are. Singing and songwriting have been wonderful expressions for me to share my deepest thoughts and concerns. We need more beauty and love and healing more than ever in our world. Please tell your story! Thank you. You will change your life and help somebody else who has needed to experience your story.