Samanth Merrill

Samantha Merrill

Kutztown, PA

Art has given me the chance to show people who I really am. High School, I was shy about who I was, and I thought I was not good enough. I felt like I had to be someone else that was not me. When I started art, I learned that this was a way to express myself. Not only do I use art for that I also use art as a healing mechanism. I struggle with anxiety and depression everyday and art lets me tell people my story about what I deal with and how I cope with it.

Originally, I had planned to go to Makeup-Designory in New York City for makeup. I had a strong passion for makeup, and I would practice it every day.  I was excited and ready to go to New York. Once I had graduated high school in 2016, life hit me and I was like, “Wait, am I really ready for this?” I then took a step back and went to Sussex County Community College for my associates in Studio Arts. Community College gained my strength and confidence back up about who I am. I learned more about different art mediums and then became the president of the Fine Arts Club my final semester at community college. I learned that by using colors could show different emotions of mine. I enjoy using colors even today in art. I feel that charcoal and clay

After I received my associates, I continued my art journey at Kutztown University. I am still currently a fine arts student. Every day at Kutztown I learn more and more about who I am. I have learned that I am a creative person and that I want to fulfill in a creative field. I want to show people who I am and make a positive impact in someone’s life. Through the arts is certainly the way I want to pursue my personal goal.