Tara Santoro


For me art was always an escape. As a kid I could be found in my room with my dog at my side, a ream of green and white lined paper or gigantic coloring book with a large box of crayons.

As I got older I found art to be my balance; my base. Art was something that completed me as a person. Honestly, art classes kept me in school. Creating art gave me a purpose. The sound of the pencil on paper is soothing. The rich colors that layer together to create the images I imagine. Those are some of the things that fuel my soul.

Now I am building a world where I can create art every day. Working towards someday turning an author’s words into images. Being the reason for someone to take a book off the shelf and turn the page.

When not creating art I teach art lessons. I find sharing my passion and knowledge helps inspire me. As a teacher/mentor my goal is to help others find their artistic voice/style. There are many great moments as an instructor. The most joyful and heartwarming moments are when the art clicks with the developing artist and they get “it.”

We are always learning and growing as artists. Hopefully as well all grow as artists we inspire others to grow and find meaning too.