Tom Lubben


In 1996 I became aware of the needs for increasing arts in public education. This stemmed from several of my six children who loved the arts, but just couldn’t get enough in their varied educational experiences, so I began my entrance into the world of Charter Schools for the Arts. I testified in front of the Senate Committee in Harrisburg and submitted one of the first charters in the state of Pennsylvania for consideration. In 2003, I opened the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts (now known as “Charter Arts”) in Bethlehem. In 2011, I founded the Arts Academy Middle School in Salisbury. Subsequently I founded the Arts Academy Elementary School in Allentown and the Easton Arts Academy. Each of these schools provide students with one half of the school day devoted to the Arts.

Today over 2,000 students take part in the artistic public educational experience. In addition, more than 200 people are employed in these schools.

Art Matters in the lives of children.