Points of View

Points of View

The Arts & Access program is a community-wide initiative that fosters new relationships and pathways leading toward greater inclusion in the Lehigh Valley. We invite you to follow the development and growth of Arts & Access through the media coverage and highlighted events that have occurred on the journey.


Arts & Access Launch Party
July 24, 2015
Good Shepherd Health & Technology Center

JOIN THE MOVEMENT. COMMIT TO ACCESS. PLEDGE ON! July 24, 2015 marked an important day; after nearly eighteen months in development, Arts & Access was launched, a program dedicated to opening the doors of arts and cultural organizations to the disability community. Hosted by Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, more than 150 guests attended a reception to proudly voice their support to expand cultural accessibility.

It was a true celebration, with a diverse crowd of arts administrators, government officials, social service representatives, and members of the disability community, all there to pledge their commitment to the Americans with Disabilities Act in honor of the 25th Anniversary. Guests enjoyed performances by The Mississippi Mudders Dixieland Quintet and tours of the Health & Technology Center, as well as a final cheer from The Miracle Movers who inspired the crowd to “Pledge On!”

With already more than 30 cultural organizations teaming up with social service agencies to create a schedule of more than 40 performances,  exhibitions, film screenings, public meetings and lectures, the Launch Party was truly just the beginning. By joining together, the yearlong celebration will continue to transform the Lehigh Valley into a more inclusive region.

“I was deeply impressed with your words during yesterday’s [Arts & Access Launch Party] event.  Spreading the word and connecting with as many people as possible – to continually create an awareness concerning disabilities – remains so important.  Thank you for spearheading this project.”Linda Merkel, America On Wheels

“Congratulations on a terrific [Launch] party on Friday. It was really a wonderful event. Thank you for everything you and your staff did to pull it all together, and for everything you and your staff do every day. Arts & Access is a great example of why I am so excited to be a part of the arts in the Lehigh Valley.

On behalf of everyone at the Williams Center and Lafayette Arts, a special thank you for highlighting the upcoming Dance for PD event. We’re so happy to be able to partner with the community this way.”
Jennifer Philburn, Williams Center for the Arts

Photos by JOhn R Hofmann Sr.