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Let the Arts Unite us

The Lehigh Valley and its people have rich heritages with tremendous cultural resources. While multiple counties, cities and municipalities comprise the region, the Lehigh Valley Arts Council believes that there is ONE arts community. By working together, we can learn from each other and attract a broader audience regionally.

Cultural Organizations

Literary Arts

Wordsmiths unite! Nurture your creativity by joining with other writers in discussions, readings, and workshops. Whether you’re a published author or just thinking about putting pen to paper, you’ll enjoy sharing perspectives. From poetry to scriptwriting, novels to memoir—express your unique voice right here in the Lehigh Valley!

Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group

Arts Practitioners

“Artists and their work remind us of the importance of beauty, and enrich our cultural and emotional lives. They introduce our children to the great stories, to the great truths. Artists are our eyes and ears and our conscience.

To the artists who are listed: thank you for enriching our lives and our community. To those who patronize and support the arts: thank you for giving them – and us – the opportunity.”Randall Forte, Founding Executive Director

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